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Welcome to Integrative Depression Solutions!

I am here to help you figure out what’s keeping you stuck in your depression and help you fix it!

Since you’re here, I bet you’ve tried a lot of different things to feel better but are still searching for answers.

Likely you’ve been to a therapist or psychiatrist, and maybe you’ve been told that medication and therapy are the only things that really help with depression.

I am here to tell you that just isn’t true!

Though I personally don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for therapy, I also know there is so much more to healing depression then therapy and medication (which are the standard treatments offered by conventional mental health providers.)

Most people just don’t know about all the healing options available to them!

After more than 2 decades working in the mental health field, mostly as a psychologist, my biggest disappointment has been realizing how many people just don’t get fully well in our current mental health system.

Waking up to this truth was just heartbreaking!

While I have seen many depressed people get better with some combination of therapy and medication, what keeps me up at night are all the people that are just barely getting by, still depressed, and being told that this is the best they can expect.

Maybe you are one of the thousands of people given the label, “Treatment-Resistant Depression”. This is a term created by mental health professionals to identify people who have been tried on at least 2 medications (and sometimes therapy,) and are still depressed. It suggests that they are beyond psychiatric help.

But, really it’s possible to be someone who is still stuck after seeing many mental health professionals, but NOT be beyond help. Often the solution requires a practitioner who can guide you in digging deeper, beyond focusing on symptoms, and instead trying to understand why you are having the symptoms in the first place!

Sometimes the deeper root cause of depression is early unresolved psychological trauma from childhood abuse or neglect, which can addressed by psychotherapy techniques like Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, EMDR or Somatic Experiencing, among others.

Other times, the deeper underlying root causes include physical or nutritional imbalances.

One thing I know for sure, is that our mental health field as a whole has many more providers skilled at helping people identify and release psychological trauma, then it does clinicians able to really help people to understand, identify and remedy the physical causes of depression (especially if the cause is something beyond low levels of brain chemicals like serotonin or dopamine which is the main focus of psychiatric medication and psychiatry in general).

About 10 years ago, I really started to wake up to the fact that as a field we were missing such an important piece of the clinical puzzle.

With this knowledge, I set off to learn everything I could about the many physical root causes of depressionIt’s been kind of an obsession for me and I have been using these insights in my practice with such great results.

I have learned so much that I am bursting to share in a bigger way, and I’d like you to know about all of it.

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Professional Bio

Dr. Josh Friedman earned his doctorate in psychology from New York University and did post-doctoral training in Psychoanalytic Self Psychology at the Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology (TRISP) in New York City.

After working in the field for a few years, it became clear that something was missing from traditional mental health treatment.

Curiosity and a chance meeting led him to discover the world of Nutritional Psychology, which teaches that many psychological issues are caused or made worse by underlying biochemical issues or nutritional deficiencies (and sometime excesses).

During his training as a psychologist he was drawn to the practice of Hatha Yoga which includes the power of breathing practices, meditation and movement in a transformational system. He found Yoga to be so helpful for working with depression issues at the deepest levels that he became certified as a yoga teacher at the Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center.

To enhance his effectiveness in helping clients heal and grow, he became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York and went on to earn a Diploma of Comprehensive Nutrition (Dip.CN) from Huntington College of Health Sciences.

He then embarked on training in Functional Medicine through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) where he learned a comprehensive program integrating targeted functional lab testing and lifestyle medicine.

He was lead to go deeper into the biochemistry of depression by studying with many experts including Dr Bill Walsh, Ph.D., Dr. Charles Gant, M.D., and Michael McEvoy.

Dr. Josh started Integrative Depression Solutions to get depressed people unstuck by finding and fixing the root physical causes of their depression!

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